Adult graduate difficulties with learning technologies

Adult graduate difficulties with learning technologies

September 14, 2018

The rise of low-skilled adults is facing a shortage globally due to the continued development and advancement in technology. According to a report that was released by the economic cooperation and development, more than 36 million adults in the united states lack the necessary and basic skills that are needed to work in entry-level openings. It should be noted that most of the adults currently employed graduated from high school and thus are becoming irrelevant in today’s economy.

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The demographics of students that attend higher learning institutions have seen an uprise in the number of students that are enrolling from the ages of 25 years old and above. Most of the students in the universities are known for bringing rich personal experiences in the institutions but are likely to struggle since they require improvements that can help them adjust their learning patterns and abilities.

The main reason for this is attributed to the growing concern of technology which has changed how the traditional system of learning that was occasionally being used in the past. Many of the current adult learners are experiencing pressure with the current educational systems that are being put in place by many higher learning institutions in the country. Most of the educational content is and hence keeping up with the current methods is proving a challenge with the current aging population.

Many faculty learning institutions are also being forced to employing technology in their current state requiring them to adapt fully to ensuring that they provide content for students that are either within the institution or learning through distance learning. Over the years, researchers are conducting studies seeking to improve the basic literacy skills that are required by many adult graduates making relevant in the society today. Research done sought to provide answers to whether some of the products that were currently being used in the learning institutions supported the current curricular and whether it impacted some of the products that are currently being used for student learning.

A lot of research on educational technology and the impact of digital learning technologies to find ascertain whether there is a base that is reliable and information that effectively use technology in identifying some of the challenges that are currently being faced by adults and the need for future research that can aid the development learning technologies. Most of these researches are being formulated to address the needs of low skilled adults who are having difficulty with learning technologies.

They have been reports by many educational instructors of most institutions who are having positive experiences with some of the technology that is being used. Technology is helping many learning instructors and tutors identify adult students that may have difficulties with most of the skills that are necessary for many job sectors in the country.

The use of digital learning technology is necessary and many learning institutions are using it as a primary means for delivering their content to many institutions who are adults. Online learning products are now becoming integrated with the core curriculum and combined for easier access by the students. Adult learners who are facing difficulties with low skill levels have a hybrid model that is effective for use in their daily routine.

In many countries, adult graduates are most often described as individuals who are non-traditional because they are over the age of 25 and lie outside the traditional conception of a college student. It is by this reason that many adults are assumed of being mature intellectually and socially with which many researchers have observed that adult graduates and learners require opportunities that will help them harness their life experiences hence increasing their abilities in performing in current situations. It is worth knowing that adults play a major role in the society that we are living today and, therefore, the need for learning technology is a critical step forward which will help them sharpen and harness most of their skills by becoming highly valued and not face any difficulty with technology.