Americans study abroad to have a legitimate excuse to travel

September 11, 2018

There are many reasons as to why many Americans study abroad. However, is some of the reasons shared below a legitimate excuse for them to travel?

Many Americans who study abroad understand that traveling is an essential way for one to gain a broader perspective of the continent we live in. Most of the travelers often do not see it as an excuse to fly but to achieve world-class education and get to interact with various international cultural students.

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So, why go to study abroad?

  1. Exposure to new cultures and experiences

Studying abroad helps one make new friends by finding common interests with someone who grew up across the world from you is wild which will offer higher chances of meeting new friends who may end up becoming a long-term friend.

  1. Helps one become self-reliant hence the need for constant requiring help from on others will become less which will teach you to take more responsibility for yourself.
  2. Many Americans study abroad since the exposure helps instill a sense of purpose in someone helping them achieve most of their dreams. It impacts one’s life as well as their career as one’s education and life experience make them stay out of their comfort zone thus the need for one to adapt to life in a foreign culture.

Many Americans who study abroad are at crossroads with their careers and so by traveling to different countries in search of education helps expand their horizons for them to start looking for new exciting positions that help them to choose what they want. However, many of the students often make mistakes which are common with every international student. They include:

  1. Booking most of your trips without budgeting for your trips often is an issue for most international students who want to explore each city. It is imperative for every student to have a budget for whatever they are going to need helping them avoid unnecessary trips.
  2. It is important for many of the students not to assume that every foreign country they land in that everybody understands English. Therefore, learning a few of the languages helps one understand some of the basics before taking a language course to fully advance yourself to the career.
  3. One needs not to believe that some of the local rules from your country back home do not apply in the foreign country you are visiting. Students often make these silly mistakes making many of them end up being arrested. One is thereby advised to be cautious in the environment they are in by greatly following all the rules that are in place in the foreign country.

Studying abroad has many advantages compared other than finding an excuse to traveling since being in a foreign country also increases one’s job prospects by either searching for a working permit which in turn increases one’s international job prospects. The experience gathered will help the student have more chances of landing a job in their local country after the expiry of their working visa or whenever they decide on returning to their country.

To try and combat the amount spent by many of the international students, it is common for them to find the living lifestyle in the countries is high and thus cannot cope with the high level of prices to some of the goods. It is advisable for the students to apply for as many scholarships as possible that can help solve some of the financial burdens that are experienced by many of the students. One should note that scholarships require students to meet certain qualification levels and write a statement of purpose which is a common requirement for some of the bureaus.

Lastly, the notion of whether Americans study abroad to have a legitimate excuse for traveling depends with the kind of student that is headed in the foreign country. A larger percentage of the students are often on scholarships and most of their passion is learning rather than looking a way to travel.

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