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How to assure my blog post is 100% original

August 8, 2018

Many people these days write blog posts which are known to help in marketing some of their content online. However, there are some people that often plagiarize some of the contents that are shared by most of the content writers and use it as theirs. Writing a blog post need to be original hence here are some of the reasons to ensure that your blog post is 100% original.

Blogging is a very informative way to share information to many readers and the public on ways that can help teach, engage and inspire but most importantly drive traffic to your website if you are selling products or services. Lots of brands use this type of way to air their voice or opinions at ease in a wide population area like the internet.

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Writing a blog post that is 100% original is not easy as a lot goes into research before communicating the same information on findings to your reader base. The process of doing this is by coming up with an idea and trying to showcase it to the specific target audience you want to share with. Researching, undertaking interviews and sourcing some of the materials needed is key to packaging an enriching blog post. It is vital to track some of the results – analytics and trying to improve most of them over time.

Writing a blog post is the first step in showcasing your ideas to the consumers, however, promoting the blog post is the other task that one requires for them to improve their organic keywords and searches to some of the content they are writing on. Use of SEO tools and integrating some of the keywords has a big impact on some of the overall ranking done by the various search engines like Google and Bing. Taking note of some of the related search keywords and inputting them into your paragraphs or wording can help improve your blog. Improving and shortening your title page with keywords and tags with popular terms or phrases helps in the overall analytics of your blog post.

Publishing your blog post to various social networking sites is also a powerful way that can help increase and ensure the originality of one’s blog post. Many of the top social networks like Facebook business pages, LinkedIn, Twitter and some of the community websites using the simple syndication method will help publish your posts directly to most of these sites. These sites often also help to build strong relationships with some of the readers.

Sticking to your formatting tools and not erratically changing the way you write your posts helps readers to easily follow your posts because of the good formatting skills that exist. Adding bullets, sub-headings and using blockquotes formatting for some of the quotes i.e. whenever you are discussing information that appeared to another blog post page helps to show that the quoted text is not in your own words.

Using magnetic headlines are critical to the way most of your readers will help identify with your work. One’s header page title is critical for a post’s success as it needs to grab the attention of the users hence using numbers as much as possible or adding adjectives to your titles help add an interest to the readers perspective hence often forthcoming and thus creates relationships with most of your readers since they become engaged.

Choosing images that relate to your posts also helps in capturing the reader’s attention whether it is illustrations or screenshots. Your own images or images that are free for common use relate well and thus do not have copyright issues which can bring many problems to users. Original blog posts often have original contents that are consistently written and elicit lots of positive reaction from their readers base.

Ensuring that your blogs are mobile friendly is key for the majority of the people to consume your content since you can reach a wide user scope.

Lastly, choose a name that is simple, unique and which most of your readers can relate to the posts that you are working on.

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