The role of homework in the lives of immigrant adolescents

September 28, 2018

Immigrant adolescents often do not have the luxury to which many native people enjoy and as such need to work twice as hard for them to afford most of the basic utilities. Recent reforms put by many educational institutions have put more emphasis on ensuring that students are achieving their academic goals and thus many schools have been put into the spotlight in ensuring that they all adhere to the policies put in place making sure that they will be held accountable for every student’s academic progression.

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Homework has emerged as an element required to improving a person’s academic progress and research has concluded that it provides students with learning opportunities that encourage one to practice some of the skills that they have been taught in class. Homework is vital to a student’s grades and shows a consistent improvement to a person’s performance compared to exams and class grades.

Many immigrant adolescents benefit greatly by assigned homework as 22% of the children who live in the United States have at least one foreign-born parent. It is evident that most of these students lag and thus as foreign immigrants read complex subjects and learn English, they do not perform well in their academic achievements. It is why previous teachers signified the completion of one’s homework like a good student thus emphasizing the importance of homework completion.

Some of the challenges that many of the immigrant adolescents faced for homework completion were that many of them were unfamiliar with the kind of assignments passed onto them by their teachers and thus many did not contend with what they teach wanted from them. It is always a requirement for most of the immigrant students to complete an English proficiency examination course before continuing with the other studies that have often interrupted their schooling. Many of the immigrant adolescents have poor academic preparation and so have interrupted schooling which makes it hard for them to complete their homework.

Most of their efforts to complete the homework are impeded by challenges such as poverty or a lack of a quiet study environment which many of them desire to have. Foreign immigrant adolescents in these countries must face many responsibilities such as child care and working three jobs a day to sustain their lively hoods. Many of the adolescents are unable to provide the direct assistance that is required by most of their children since many have informal education and unlike many native speakers, lack the necessary education hence are restricted in knowledge and thinking.

When many of the immigrant adolescents fail to complete their homework, it often leaves them in disadvantage situations such as having a negative perception with their teachers who think that they are not interested in learning. Such situations do not offer an explanation to the kind of struggles most of them go through to finishing their homework. The above-stated situations also make them disengage with their studies as time continues to go on. Others may feel insecure about their understanding of a subject matter or a language and thus feel ashamed to turn for help or have no one to whenever they face these difficult kinds of problems.

Studies reveal that students who complete their homework are known to attain higher grades and achievements that the rest of their peers who do not see the need to completing their work. Teachers are known to design homework to help them understand the strengths and weaknesses that they encounter whenever they are undertaking their studies in school. With these in mind, many teachers have come to understand that there exist factors that limit adolescent immigrants to complete their homework.

 They include their language and academic skills which is the main issue that limits the completion of their work. Gender also stands out and research shows that boys are generally unable to manage their time efficiently than girls who excel in this space who are easily bored finding it boring. Other factors such as their home environment and the engagements they have in classrooms prove to be a challenge to most adolescents in the completion of their studies.