Why should marijuana ever be legalized? Prove the positives

November 16, 2018

There exist many debates regarding whether the use of marijuana requires to be legalized. Many of the answers that come along mainly focus on one’s preference and thus many of the people believe that there exist positives or negatives that come about people who smoke marijuana.

The legalization of the plant-cannabis has continued for quite a long time, even though it has brought serious debate to many member states and to whether the legalization of marijuana has a genuine credibility. Research conducted by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine attempts to fill some of the gaps that we might have in our knowledge. Most of the research has stemmed from the early 90’s to which review by many experts on the field today try to find answers and provide a clear scientific approach to evidence on positive use of marijuana.

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Research conducted shows that there exist positives and negatives that come with the use of marijuana. Many tests conducted by doctors, researchers seem to prove of the promising pain relief medication for people suffering with chronic pain often get. Cancer patients and people suffering from multiple sclerosis often get a sharp pain that tends to affect how they perform their daily routine.

Many of the positives that come about the use of the drugs cannabis have left many researchers in doubt to whether it is a drug that can heal some of the conditions which are disturbing most of these patients. Although, there exists many positives, it also poses a major risk to respiratory problems that are associated with smoking. There exist cases which show psychosis, schizophrenia, pregnancy related problems, car crashes and other negativity issues that comes along when they associate themselves with smoking.

Many of the positives that drug experts have found come from some of the chemical compounds that are found in drug. Some of the benefits are often split from the leaf itself and experts believe that most of the chemicals that are found in the cannabinoids and chemicals often work together to make its effects as effective as possible.

So, what are some of the benefits of marijuana?

It is not uncommon to find that several states have legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Many examinations try to demonstrate how marijuana may be useful for agony and muscle solidness since there has been considerable cases to how marijuana can improve the situations that different people go through. Most of the conditions such as epilepsy and crabby entrails disorder.

Those in favor for the legalization of marijuana believe that not legalizing the drug will not stop many of the members from using the drug. Most of the pro-legalization argue that the drug will not go away any time soon and thus efforts that try to control the use of the drug can cause more problems than what the state may want to solve. Some of them argue that:

  1. Production and selling of marijuana by the state will save lives rather than having criminals do the same packaging. They believe that it will offer more opportunities in the creation of jobs which will be helpful in generating money that can be used for healthcare, education and other personal matters.
  2. Legalizing the use of marijuana will help reduce the strain that criminal justice systems face hence reduce the number of petty related cases such as having small amounts of marijuana for personal use.
  3. Other related crime dealings will become greatly reduced. Crimes that are marijuana-related can be eliminated with legalization of the drug.
  4. Many of the pro-legalizers believe that by having an age limit on marijuana use, the use of marijuana will stop young children below the recommended age-limit to use the drug abusively.
  5. Marijuana if legalized can help in the production of drugs needed for the treatment of various diseases which can be useful to drug experts and medical researchers in their quest for new drug formulations that can help cure some of the chronic diseases that many patients often suffer from.