Managing class and work as a Ph.D. student

It is very tough to go to school part-time and work full-time. Balancing classwork with a 9-5 job can be troublesome because one has to dedicate sufficient time for each activity. A majority of the professionals who experienced it won’t disclose the tussles they underwent in graduate school. What makes it worse is the impression that students who study part-time take ages to complete their studies. Such thoughts make some graduates panic and even avoid taking their Ph.D. studies while working. However, that is not the case. Successful doctoral students know the time management secrets which can be valuable even for the full-time students. Those students seeking to pursue their Ph.D. studies while working can utilize the following tips.

  • Abstain from overload

Overloading can lead to burnout. Things can be overwhelming, and one can be tempted to accomplish several tasks at a go. Taking too many long classes while holding down a 9-5 full-time job is a good recipe for tragedy. It is paramount to maintain a healthy school and work life even if it means taking one or two classes in a whole month. As a Ph.D. student, one has to remain organized and focused even if they are taking an online course. The fact that one does not meet their instructor face to face doesn’t mean they should be late in completing their assignments.

  • Spread your time around

As a part-timer, one has to do several things at a go, i.e., reading, writing, organizing and doing the analysis. Instead of finishing one mammoth task at once then starting another, it’s good to choose a task that fits the available time and energy. It’s also vital to understand the difference between low and high focus tasks. Certain tasks are very portable and can fit well into one’s schedule. It is recommended to budget one’s time to fit all the activities even the non-academic tasks. As long as one has dedicated some hours to studying and working, it doesn’t matter what they do during other times. Setting the entire day for studies can be detrimental to one’s career and studies. Sometimes it can be hard to switch minds between study and work instantly and focus on one thing for long. Experts recommend building in buffer time by incorporating activities such as reading, cooking or going to the gym. It helps to clear one’s mind and making them ready to concentrate on studies.

  • Mind yourself

Going back to class while working means late night homework and early mornings at the office. However, it doesn’t mean that one should fall a prey of such a hectic life. It is good to balance time so that there is time to sleep, exercise and eat properly. This may mean taking light class work or cutting back other social obligations. Tiredness can mean the loss of focus and productivity declines both at the workplace and in class. Time management is key to balancing classes, relationships with others and studies.

  • Involve the manager and stakeholders

It’s vital to make the manager aware that one is studying and working at the same time. Part-time Ph.D. students should strive to involve their employers, managers, and stakeholders that studies require a certain percentage of their time. Trying to study secretly while working can pave the way to other challenges. Making it known by involving managers and stakeholders can help one in meeting deadlines in classwork. It also increases one’s career prospects and gives the student more job security. It can even increase one’s chances of promotion upon graduation.

  • Take work to school and school to work

Brilliant students will bring samples of their work projects to school and vice versa. Such trick can make learning and work even more enjoyable. It’s good to think of learning and working as a way of enriching one’s mind and advancing career rather than overloading the mind.

  • Hire custom writing company

Those who have experienced it understand how overwhelming it can be to accomplish both classwork and office job. However, a student can find help from a reliable online writing company. is one such custom writing company that delivers dependable writing services to students who have difficulties finishing their assignments on time.


Working full-time while studying a Ph.D. course if manageable though it may not be easy to most. What is critical is that every student must choose the learning and working style that fits their needs. Some may want to take online courses as they are thought to be more flexible. However, without a proper learning and working approach, it can turn out to be an uphill move. The above are tips on how to manage class and work as a Ph.D. student.