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Privacy Policy

LitreviewHub.com is a US based company offering literature review writing, editing and proofreading for all academic papers and educational levels.
We are a legitimate writing company that takes the privacy of information from customers very seriously. Our privacy policy below explains the way in which we collect and use the information we gather from you.
This policy may from time to another vary, and we will publish the current version on the website. The word ‘we’ refers to LitreviewHub.com unless we indicate otherwise.

Collecting information

For LitreviewHub.com to provide complete service, we will from time to time require you to provide some personal information including your name and email address. We will also require your information after receiving an application to be our writer, subscription to a newsletter, entry for completion or registration for personalized service such as a customer control panel.
We also require personal information to supply products and services and also identify those who contact us. After collecting personal information, LitreviewHub.com takes reasonable measures to ensure that transmission is secure. We have a secure connection to collect payment information.

Communication by email

When you contact us through email over the Internet, be aware that it is unencrypted communication that may go past through different countries thus we cannot guarantee security. Due to insecure nature of the internet, avoid sending sensitive or confidential information such as credit card detail by email.
We may combine obtained form you with other details in our possession. We will act according to existing legislation, and maintain a link to our privacy policy. It includes our Data Protection Notice, at a prominent section on our website.

LitReviewHub.com Data Protection Notice

LitreviewHub.com NEVER shares your personal information, with other companies. The information we gather from you helps us to achieve the purposes:
  • Marketing
  • Customer service
  • Profile purchasing preferences
We promise to send no more than 4 marketing communications monthly. You have the discretion to stop our marketing communications any time.
If you give us another person’s information, Lit review.Hub.com regards it to be a confirmation of consent from the owner to share for use to use for the procession of personal data including the sensitive. We also take it that you have informed them about us and the way in which we shall use data according to this data notice.
You have a right to get a copy of your information -for which we may charge a small fee- and correct inaccuracies.  We can decide to monitor or record phone calls for joint training and protection purposes.
For an explanation of the way we use cookies and web tracking devices, please read the section below in this privacy policy.

Informing you about products and services

We offer student education-related products such as plagiarism software, past papers, marking and proofreading services. Our consideration of personal information you share with us willingly is that it is your consent for us to contact you for information on any products, services or promotions that we consider to be of interest to you unless there is a communication to object such messages. We contact you through various methods including:
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • Mail
As we have indicated in the Data Protection Notice, we shall not send more than four marketing communications in a month although in practice we only send one. In all instances, you get the option to opt out of marketing communications.

Sensitive Data

LitreviewHub.com may ask you for credit or debit card details when paying for a service from us. You always have an option to enter it through our site which is a Secure Merchant Service instead of reading them over the phone. We also accept payments by PayPal that will not require you to hand over details of your credit or debit card. LitreviewHub.com never stores customer sensitive data such as details of a credit or debit card.
Writers for our company should acknowledge the need for us to store bank details that you supply to speed up invoice processing. We take stringent precautions to safeguard their safety.

Collection of Information On Visits To Our Website

When you visit a page(s) on LitreviewHub.com, it might be necessary to check your IP address that enables us to determine your location. It helps us to provide relevant content for your location.
We might consider putting a ‘cookie’ on your personal computer. Thousands of reputable sites use cookies. Hence they are not a cause for alarm. They help us to track the frequency of your visits to our website.
They also help in the confirmation of your identity after login to our website to determine when you log in or out. Sometimes our website can use analytics software to record non-personal statistics about your activities on our site. For example the duration of time you spend to view a page, common searches through the site, data on the screen setting and other relevant general information. None of these is person-specific.

What We Do With Personal Information

The only purpose that LitreviewHub.com uses personal information is that which you anticipate or that we state upon collection and when necessary for the purpose that you give consent. We will not contact you ever after the purpose or pass the information to another person or company.
Our commitment is to treat your data with all the due care according to the data protection principles. Additionally, you will notice that our privacy policy is more protective than at most major companies that usually reserve a right to pass personal details to third parties that engage in marketing.

Ways to Access Your Personal Information

If you need to see a copy of the personal information in our possession, please send an email to LitreviewHub.com inquiries team marketing your email for the attention of the legal department. We reserve a right to request for specific information that helps us in confirming our identity.
We reserve a right to charge a little fee for providing this information although we probably will not charge.
If you believe that we hold incorrect data about you or are subject to misuse, please use our inquiries email address to reach us.

Website Use by Underage users

If you are under the age of 16 years, LitreviewHub.com requires that you get permission from a parent or guardian before you provide personal information to us. We reserve a right to cancel any transaction or service and remove your data from our website if we find out that you sent it to use with appropriate consent. You will only re-submit the information when you get the necessary permission.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are text files that help to identify a computer to our server that an IP address.
You will have an opportunity to set your computer to accept cookies and notify you when we issue one. You can also opt not to receive a cookie at all. Your internet browser will help you to do this. Most browsers allow you to reach this facility through ‘tools’ (for example Internet Explorer), ‘Edit’ or task (for example Netscape) menu. If you have problems in finding this area, please use the ‘help’ function within the browser for necessary assistance.
You can refuse a cookie, but it will prevent your access to certain areas of a site or proper operation. A customer login area will, for example, rely on cookies to identify you and your login status.

Link to Other Websites

LitreviewHub.com might contain some links to other websites. We are not responsible for security and privacy guarantees for other sites. This privacy policy only applies to LitReviewHub.com website.
In case of uncertainty about ownership and privacy of a site, send us an inquiry through our inquiries email address or make a call.

If you have any other questions on our data handling, please call or send us an email. For answers to more depth questions, please write an email to our inquiries address. Remember to mark it for the attention of our legal department.