Should employers be obligated to hire an ex-convict? Why or why not?

November 16, 2018

Employers often must hire people who they believe can run their businesses to achieve their long-term objectives and goals which they have set. One of the issues that pop up is whether they are obligated to hiring employees who are ex-convicted to some of the crimes they committed in the past.

Are they obligated to do so?

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It is often very tough for these people getting jobs after serving their sentence to some of the crimes they committed. Many of the ex-cons often go out for counseling which often helps them overcome some of the stigmatization that they often face after they have served their sentence. Many employers often have issues whenever it comes to hiring staff. Besides the qualifications, each of them possesses many of them also look-out for skills that are beneficial to the company. Some of the advantages to hiring ex-cons include:

Despite the considerable number of obstacles throughout their life, some ex-convicts consider beginning another profession where they contribute their full endeavors to get steady in their life to which can offer a change in their lives thus making them do something useful.

Employers who hire most of these convicts have their businesses getting the best result from on the off chance that they were given a shot. Many of the employers often get surprised to some of the authenticity in them and the additional qualification with them to get by in the active job.

Many of them have profoundly capable abilities which they gained from their instructional meetings in jail or past job experience before getting jailed. Most of them also follow ethics that are in every organization and therefore try to work in delivering the best results. Many of them follow the ethics set by their company at best because they are aware of their past and do not want to fall into some of the issues with their fellow employees and employers.

The above situation is critical since they understand finding the opportunity to get a chance of working in the organization was hard and thus there is no reason for them to take or play any part in trouble violating most of the rules that have been set by the company. Working with sincerity is what many of them strive doing and thus limit the chances of getting distrustful.

Most ex-convicts are loyal and always try everything in their power to change their past and live up to the expectations set aside by the company. It is the reason why most of them try to live up to what the company requires of them and thus must utilize their skills in helping the company develop hence creating a good foundation for their future.

Employers who hire these workers often encourage the ex-convicts to work harder which is better for the society and building the economy. The government also recognizes the need to boost and offer support to some of the companies and organizations that are trying to change the culture to how most of these employees are perceived. Ex-convicts need to be fully accepted into society because they have served most of the time for the crimes done in the respective correctional facilities.

Employers may have different reasons to why they think the hiring of these employees is necessary. Most of the positives to hiring them are discussed above, however, not all ex-cons hired are good or fit to engage with others in the society. Some of them still turn out to be harmful even after undergoing counseling. Others do not show interest in what they are made to work on and this is one of the main reasons why many employers are careful enough before hiring them.

Even though the government often tries to encourage organizations in employing ex-cons, most of the issues that make them relapse to their past behaviors often continue to creep in hence making it difficult for them to get hired. Hiring them is a long process and so sorting out all their background information becomes a lengthy way of assessing them if they are fit to work for your company.