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LitreviewHub.com is a platform acting an intermediary between customers looking for writers, Editors or proofreaders for their literature review papers and the experts qualified to offer these services.

Interpretation of terms

For clarity, these terms have this meaning for these terms of service.
  • Website: LitreviewHub.com
  • Client or customer: An inliidual who pays for an order or service on the site.
  • Order: Request for service or paid product.
  • Writer/Editor: :A person who offers to work for LitreviewHub.com on agreed terms.
  • Paper or product: A document in .doc, .docx or another format as a result of order processing by writer or editor.

Our terms to be a customer agency

  • A customer appoints us to find an expert on their behalf to research, write, edit or proofread their work as per these provisions.
  • We have a right to accept or deny services and make refunds.
  • The prices and turnaround times on our website are illustrational. A customer should accept an alternative price or turnaround for his unique order.
  • We offer appropriate remedies when a customer is unsatisfied.
  • Our customers and experts use our website as an intermediary. Direct communication is prohibited.
  • We reserve the right to accept or refuse an order at our discretion and refund the payment by the customer for it.

Terms of Appointment

  • Commencement date for our agreement with a customer starts when we find a suitable expert to complete an order, and we receive payment for the service.
  • The agreement (1) continues until the expiry of the deadline and revision period unless one of the parties terminates the agreement.
  • We undertake to choose a suitably qualifies expert with appropriate levels of education, other qualifications and experience to research, write and edit a customer’s literature review.
  • We obtain payment when we locate a qualified writer. This order is binding, and from these points, a customer cannot ask for a refund.
  • If a customer pays a deposit, the outstanding balance should be paid at least within 24 hours of order’s due date. W reserve a right to delay delivery until the client pays in full.


  • A customer must provide all the relevant information about an order for accurate guidance of the expert.
  • A client should cooperate with us during the period of engagement by providing any information we may require the service.
  • Failure to provide information might lead to delay in order delivery for which we will not take responsibility for any damage or loss.


LitreviewHub.com is legitimate provider of literature review writing, editing and proofreading help. Our service comes with these guarantees for customers to get value for their payment.
  • Original Content: We deliver 100% custom work. On request, we will provide a plagiarism and quality report at no extra cost.
  • Guaranteed to fair use of your work: The moment you make payments for an order , we will never reuse, resell, distribute or publish it again for commercial gain.
  • Guarantee of expert customer service: We match each customer with an expert in the order who is available and able to provide custom help.
  • 24/7 custom service: A friendly customer support team attends to customers round the clock and offers the appropriate help within the shortest time possible.


  • LitreviewHub.com allows customers to request for free revisions within seven (7) days of order delivery if there is a reason to show that the work did not adhere to initial instructions.
  • A customer shall request for amendments thorough our customer control panel or an email to our customer support. An expert shall revise the work within three(3) days but is entitled to ask for an extension. We have the right to choose another writer or editor to amend the work.
  • Our quality control team will intervene if an expert disputes the legitimacy of revision request. If the dispute lingers, they can find an expert to assess the work and give a final judgment that is binding on both parties.
  • A customer who requests for paper modifications beyond stipulated seven(7 ) days will pay an extra fee before the commencement of revision.

Data protection

We safeguard customer information to maintain its privacy under these terms:
A customer accepts that we will store the details provided when ordering in a secure database that we can share with selected parties that have a role in securing payment service, market or improve services.
We commit to non-disclosure of personal information to unauthorized third parties expect:
  • For the purpose described above
  • The requirement by a legal authority
  • Pursuance of fraud transaction

Our Fees

Our charges include our service commission, writer payment, and VAT. That is the aggregate amount that appears on our website. If a customer seeks an amendment that goes beyond the original scope, we set an extra fee. VAT rate may change, and we will adjust or rates accordingly.

Terms of Payment

We accept payments after finding a qualified writer or editor for an order except in instances where a customer opts to pay when ordering.
  • At our discretion, we can accept a deposit, but the customer must clear the balance in its entirety before we deliver the work.
  • A customer can choose to cancel an order before making any payment before we identify an expert. Once we assign an order, we cannot cancel an order or refund the payments in respect for the order.
  • We can only issue a refund if for any reason we are unable to fulfill our obligations to offer service that matches the order expectations. It is our discretion to reimburse or offer a discount.
  • We do not ask customers to pay for a service before we secure an expert
  • LitreviewHub.com does not guarantee to find an editor or writer for a customer who makes payment in advance
  • A customer who makes an upfront payment and we are unable to find an expert will get a full refund.

Issuance of refunds

If LitreviewHub.com agrees to partial or full refund, it is only through the credit or debit card that a customer used to make payments or any other method for the same purpose such as bank transfer to our account or PayPal. Refund is subject to deduction of any transfer fees.


Under these terms of use a customer accepts that:
  • Our work is reference purpose and does not grant express copyright to use as one pleases.
  • Our writers and employees see to it that we deliver plagiarism free work after testing with latest reliable plagiarism checkers to avoid infringements of copyright from our sources.
  • We do not distribute, resell or display the contents of an order we send to our customers. Likewise, they should adhere to the same provisions.
  • LitreviewHub.com reserves a right, to deny provision of service to anyone we suspect of violating the terms in (3) above. We shall not accept liability for unauthorized use of our products.

Final mark

  • No LitreviewHub.com customer should pass our product as his or her own but only use it for reference and guidance when to write the final academic paper.
  • On the strength of (1) above, our work does not guarantee the final grade by a tutor.

General terms

  • LitreviewHub.com working hours on weekdays and weekends are on display on our website. It is our discretion to halt our services Non-Working holidays, but we always inform our customers through a notice or our site. Any deadline that was on the same day on which a Non-Working holiday falls extends to the day after the after.
  • The high number of customers may prevent us from providing prompt response to emails and telephone calls. Despite the hectic business, our support representatives do their best to deal with customer requests comprehensively. They attend to urgent request upon receipt.
  • Our customers should request a deadline with an adequate break before their submission. We are not liable for any late submission of assignments.