Is it fair for unjustifiable animal euthanizations?

November 26, 2018

Pets are often considered a man’s best friend. Many of these animals are often considered family but there have been many situations where most of them undergo euthanasia. Some of these situations include whenever they are seriously ill or have reached their old-age.

Euthanasia commonly referred to as mercy killing is an act of ending the life of an animal in either situation i.e. whether dying or injured with the use of a fatal drug that often leads to painless death. The term also applies to humans who have serious illnesses that require no other treatment and thus requires a lethal dose of medication to help the patient come out from their misery.

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The above act is not done by a medical practitioner but by the patient himself. There exist an increasing number of debates to ascertain whether it is a justifiable condition and whether it is fair for the act to be done on an animal.

What are some of the advantages of animal euthanasia?

One of the major reasons for having the act performed on animals is that it helps offer relief to animals that are struggling in leading their normal lives. Animals such as horses often suffer a lot whenever they have broken legs and cannot have a good daily routine. Animals also suffer from extreme pain and most of these diseases are incurable hence it may be wise to have them euthanized than have them suffer from their pain.

Many advocates believe that offering euthanization to an animal is humane and thus the act of ending the suffering of an animal without the use of inhumane ways such as guns is considered a great way to acting accordingly. The process is often done in a way that the animal will not feel any pain.

There also exist disadvantages to which many people believe that it is an unfair way to acting and thus goes against ethics. Many animal activists believe that no one has the right of taking the life of an animal and believe using the above method – euthanasia violates the issue.

Practicing euthanasia also goes under the oath taken by veterinaries. Many of the vets often take is the last step after exhausting every other available option before finally settling on the decision. Many experts believe that if the society tries to accept it as a normal practice then it can have a negative impact since many people will consider having their animals undertake the merciful killing without thinking through other options available. It can have a detrimental effect to someone if the sickness was wrongly diagnosed leaving the animal euthanized.

So, is it justifiable to have your animal euthanized?

Today, euthanization is not offered to sick animals alone but to some who have behavioral issues. Some animals have a bad aggression which is bad and impossible to treat. It is often common to have humans become afraid of the injuries they are to get when near their pets and thus many find it irresponsible to rehome a dog in the knowledge that there was a high risk that somebody would be bitten in the future.

Some animals have profoundly imbued, fierce hostility to different creatures, which again can make them difficult to rehome. The danger of different animals being savaged to death should be viewed whenever one is looking for a clever response for such creatures.

Veterinaries and any individual who thinks and cares about creatures always lean towards that sound pet or animal that was never euthanized. Many studies recommend that healthy euthanasia for certain behavioral reasons could be limited by a more extensive valuation for the significance of sufficient socialization of animals at an early age. Youthful pets and animals ought to be acquainted with an assortment of individuals, creatures and ordinary family unit sights and sounds in their initial couple of many long periods of age, starting at where they are born.

Containing the use of euthanasia should become limited and thus people should seek to appreciate these animals since they are fond of them and can act as a partner in dialogue during the trying times when mercy killing becomes an alternative to suffering.